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Spill Decks

Spill Decks come in 1, 2, and 4 drum models. They differ from Spill Pallets in that they have a very low profile, about the same height as a wooden pallet. At just 146mm high, the Spill Decks offer a major benefit over standard spill pallets. Firstly, drum tops are at a lower, more user-friendly height, which is useful when decanting into drums. But most importantly, the low profile makes getting drums on and off a breeze, without the need for a forklift.  All models of Spill Deck 1, 2, 4 drum can be connected together in any configuration to meet your needs.  The hollow “flow-through” bulkhead fittings not only lock each deck to the next, they also allow containment capacity to be shared increasing the total capacity of the system.

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