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Respiratory Filters

These filter cartridges, (when used with 6000 and 7000 series facepieces), are capable of providing protection against organic vapours with boiling points >65ÂșC , inorganic gases such as Chlorine, acid gases such as Sulfur Dioxide and Ammonia & Methylamine at levels up to ten (10) times the Exposure Standard on a half face mask and up to fifty (50) times the Exposure Standard on a full face mask OR up to a maximum of 1000ppm whichever is lower.

  • The 3M Cartridge Filters 6000 Series attach to 3M Half and Full Face Respirators to provide gas and vapour protection.
  • Lightweight and well balanced when fitted to a mask
  • Unique shape provides excellent field of vision
  • 3M Bayonet Fixing System ensures precise and secure locking

*Product may differ slightly from image

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