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Product Accessories

We stock general product accessories that could come in handy.

Plastic Shovels – Collapsible non-sparking response shovel with polyethylene scoop that is resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
Brush and Pan Sets – Keep in a spill kit for sweeping up contaminated waste.
Spill Kit Bin Lid Covers – in 120L, 140L and 240L sizes.
Plug & Dike – A non-toxic material that forms a seal when used to plug punctured storage or transport containers.
Bio Waste Bags – For hazardous waste containment.
Clinical Wipes – Medical grade, antibacterial surface disinfecting wipes.
Security Ties – Easy snap security ties are suitable for applications requiring easy hand removal.

Please get in touch for specific or specialised items.

*Product may differ slightly from image

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