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Absorbent Floating Oil Booms

The first action should be to contain the spill.  Floating booms should be situated around the perimeter of the spill to stop the spread. They should be overlapped by approximately 30cm at each end of the boom, and each boom can be securely clipped to the previous one. Use multiple booms as required so that the spill perimeter is completely contained.  Because they are polypropylene, they will not absorb water and can be left until they are saturated with fuel and oil.

Floating Oil Booms – Floating oil booms are a synthetic absorbent boom that features robust stainless steel clips making it easy to join up multiple overlapping booms to form a perimeter around a boat or oil spill on water.
Available in 12.7cm x 3m and absorbs approximately 32L  and 20cm x 3m and absorbs approximately 72L


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