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Product Accessories For All Your Needs

We have product accessories for all your needs for spill kits and for general purpose.


For instance, we stock spill kit bin lid covers in a range of sizes, so nobody will accidentally place rubbish in this bin.
The covers are highly visible water-resistant yellow in colour.  Our covers come in three sizes of 120L, 140L, and 240L.
  Product Accessories
Codes: KCOV120 or KCOV140 or KCOV240

Secondly, we have a range of brush and pan sets to help clean up any mess.  The brush and pan can be kept handy in a spill kit to sweep up particulates.  Size: 31cm x 19cm


Similarly, we have brooms and plastic shovels to help collect and sweep away any rubbish.

Don’t forget the Plug n Dike.  Plug and control the leak at the source. It is a non-toxic material that forms a seal when used to plug punctured storage or transport container. Thereby, sealing off gasoline, diesel, solvents, and other chemicals.

Code: PIU001

We also stock Clinical Wipes that are medical grade, antibacterial surface disinfecting wipes that have been specifically created to clean and disinfect most surfaces by eliminating 99% of bacteria.

Code: CWIP002

Our Monster Wipes effectively remove dirt, grease, oils, silicones, cable filling compounds, paint, ink, caulking, and adhesives from the skin and most surfaces.  Antibacterial Monster Wipes are ideal for use in manufacturing, automotive, construction and other industrial workplaces. Large and strong, they are also great for the home, workshop or garden shed.

Code: MWIP001

Also in our inventory are bio-waste disposal bags for medical and clinical waste.
These bio-waste plastic bags are highly visible yellow printed bags so they stand out when you need to get a hold of one.  Specifications: 36cm x 71cm


Contact us for specific or specialised accessories.