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PPE – Personal Protective Equipment



PPE – Personal Protective Equipment:
To begin with, our PPE – Personal Protective Equipment is designed to help protect you from hazards when on a worksite or just at home.
For example, we stock a good range of PPE items such as but not limited to:

Disposable Coveralls –
We offer coveralls with the category 1,2 & 3 certified for minimal, intermediate & high-risk areas.  Type 5 & 6 certified.  The benefits are that they are c
omfortable & breathable.  They have good resistance to tears & punctures.  They resist dirt, liquids, dust & powders and are hooded with elasticated wrists & ankles.  These coveralls can be used for asbestos removal, powder & liquid handling, painting cars & buildings and cleaning.

As well as the category 1,2 &3 coveralls,  we also offer coveralls that are certified for asbestos & hazardous substance.  The benefits are that they are certified for asbestos & hazardous substances and have strong tear-resistant material.  They are comfortable to wear with a zip at the front & extra neck protection and hooded with elasticated wrists and ankles.  These coveralls can be used for asbestos removal, fibreglass application, biosecurity protection and wet areas.

PPE               PPE Personal Protective Equipment
Codes: PM2500                  Code: PM295
Avbl in M, L and XL           Avbl in White sz S to 4XL and Blue M to 4XL

 Disposable Aprons – Next we have disposable aprons that can keep you safe and clean.  Made from a Low-Density Polyethylene.
Code: APRD01

Masks – We have masks that are surgical-grade standard single-use. Elastic ear loops to keep securely in place.  4 layer filters using nano antibacterial treatment for vapour/droplet resistance.  Concealed Adjustable Nose Clip.  ISO9001: 2015 CE FDA Approved.

Code: FACE02

Further, we have a mask that is P2 rated for protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles.  It also has an exhalation ProValve for extra airflow.  It has lung protection against mechanically and thermally generated dust, mists, and fumes as well as airborne biological particles, fungi spores, etc.  Suitable for Legionnaires disease risk.  Enables the wearing of glasses or goggles.  Inner foam seal and dual head straps.

Code: CMAR005

 Face Shields – These provide splash protection from fluid-borne pathogens with shielding at the top, side, and front of the face. Furthermore, they are reusable, have open sides to prevent fogging and an elastic band and forehead pad for comfort.

Code: FACE01

 Continuing on with the line of PPE – Personal Protective Equipment we have:
Respiratory Protective Equipment –
We have kits for use when painting and agricultural/horticultural spraying.  The kit contents are STS RS01 Half Face Respirator (Medium), Pair CA-A1 Organic Gas & Vapour Cartridges, Pair P2RC Clip-On Pre-Filters, Respiratory Wipes, and a Resealable storage box.
Alternatively, the Half Mask in M or L, Reusable Respirator 6000 Series is low-maintenance, simple to use and extremely lightweight.  Standards/Approvals – Complies with AS/NZS 1716:2012
The filters series 6057 provides protection against organic vapours, inorganic & acid gases (A1B1E1).

                           PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
Codes: HALF01      CMAR6200 for M and 6300 for L         CMAR6057

Further in our line of PPE – Personal Protective Equipment:
Eye Protection –
We have safety glasses and goggles.
Firstly there are the safety glasses are frameless wrap-around style for superior comfort, a snug fit, and less risk of particles or fluid getting in behind glasses.  They also have an anti-scratch hard coating.

Secondly, our 3700 series goggles are foam bound, with a wide head strap & indirect vents to enhance user comfort.  They have an anti-fog, anti-scratch, 2mm hardened lens, and are certified to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010.

Thirdly the 4900 series goggles are an excellent general purpose goggle.  They are lightweight, providing increased comfort for extended wear. There is an adjustable strap for custom fit and an indirect vent allows airflow and reduces fog build-up.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment      
Codes: CGOG001               CGOG004                   CGOG002

Shoe Covers –These are non-woven polypropylene shoe covers that simply slip over your shoes to help keep floors clean.  This enables you to maintain the safety of wearing footwear without trampling dirt through clean areas.


Next in our line of PPE – Personal Protective Equipment:
Gloves –
Firstly, we have single-dipped PVC gloves in 27cm length and 40cm length. They can be used for timber handling, concreting, waste collection and general handling of wet and dirty items.
Besides the single-dipped gloves, we also have a double-dipped
PVC glove in 45cm length with a sand finish for improved grip.  These gloves have an increased resistance to Oil, Grease and Chemicals and are jersey-lined for comfort and sweat absorption.
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment                  
Codes: PVCGLO27cm      PVCGLO40cm               PVCDD45cm

Equally important, we have our 33cm length Nitrile glove that has a high-performance nitrile compound providing an outstanding combination of chemical resistance and strength for optimal results in wet or dry work
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
Code: CGLO4

Furthermore, we also offer cut-resistant gloves.  These are HPPE and glass fibre gloves with a sandy black nitrile. The nitrile coating creates a spongy, abrasion-resistant but flexible barrier that repels liquids to provide an excellent wet or dry grip.  They have a high cut resistance and are certified to EN388:2016.

Code: CRG001

To summarise, our PPE-Personal Protective Equipment Gear Kits can be assembled from any of our products and are available on request. 

So, contact us today to discuss what you need.

Product Accessories

In addition to PPE, we have these general product accessories that may well come in handy.

To illustrate, we have fire extinguishers, brush and pan sets, spill kit bin lid covers, plug n dike to name just a few.

So, contact us for specific or specialised items.